Производство на 3D куполни лепенки


Let’s not waste any more time, let's begin! We from DomeDesign, we believe this is a unique product with broad application. To assure this, we will send you free samples of various shapes and designs domed stickers. Thus, you will be able to estimate correctly your orders.

3D куполни обемни полиуретанови стикери


We from DomeDesign, we insist you to test the adhesion, flexibility and make sure that our stickers are suitable for your projects before investing time and money unnecessarily. How to order free samples? Here's how: You’ll make sure about the quality of the stickers produced by DomeDesign. You will see and touch the smooth surface, the 3D effect, the elasticity. You can check how the volume sticker "heal" after pressure from a sharp object.

3D куполни обемни полиуретанови стикери, Пловдив


Send an email with the subject: "Free samples". In your email, write your names, the position in the organization you represent, accurate delivery address / City, Postal code, Street and number, country, email address, telephone number /. Please write how did you hear about us. Have you used domed stickers until now. The pros and cons, according to your experience. Please write other information you think we should know about you and your business needs. Any numbers and sizes of stickers that interest you. As soon as we receive your letter, we will contact you by email and / or phone to confirm your free samples.

Производство на 3D куполни обемни полиуретанови стикери


We will send you free samples with Bulgarian Post /. Consignment "Letter" with priority and tracking number. If you want to use the services of courier, you will have to pay the costs for transport. If you want that we send free samples outside the territory of Bulgaria, this can be done in many different ways witch we’ll specify by email and / or phone. We will send you free samples on the next working day after we discuss the details described. The delivery time is as follows:

Bulgaria : 2-5 business days;

Europe : 3-14 business days;

Worldwide: 8-25 business days.

We send, both in Europe and Worldwide.

Note: The delivery time may change for reasons beyond our control. Usually, this happens when the postal administrations are hampered as a result of upcoming holidays or other problems.