European market since 2011


Orders and payment:

The speed of execution of the orders is within 2-5 business days after the specification of the details.
The payment of the orders should be made by bank transfer or PayPal.
The payment has to be made after the final clarification of the order. This includes ::
1. Coordination of design, File, Size, items, etc. / In writing by email.
2. Signing a contract for production of domed stickers.The payment is as follows:
100% advance after the clarification of the contract and the signature of the contract.

If you provide us a ready file, we can do for you free samples with your logo or design which you can first consider and after that we will sign a contract for the order. The samples with your logo or design will be in your desired shape. The dimensions will be evaluated by us. / for potential customers with orders over 3000 units /

Refund :

The full refund is not possible after having started production of the order. If you find defects that DomeDesign fault, we will reproduce the defective stickers at our expense. To get the replacement, please send us back the defective stickers as proof of your claim within 14 days of receipt. We will not accept as proof of defect stickers that are detached from the base, glued into another surface or simply damaged due to incorrect manipulations and improper installation .If at our discretion determine that we are unable to achieve a better result we will give you back a part of the money spent on the

transaction or the full amount: