European market since 2011


The application of the domed stickers is extensive. Customization and branding of domestic appliances, furniture, electronics, machines and equipment, computers, laptops, tablets, phones. Windows, air conditioning systems, keyrings, badges. Customize mailboxes. Numbering of houses and offices. Customize car numbers, automobiles, motorcycles, bicycles. 

Ideal advertise for banking products and institutions, mobile operators, ISPs, cable television. We from DomeDesign, we believe it is time for this product to find its rightful place in the field of personalization and advertising of our market. Given the qualities of dome sticker, we believe that this is the future. The Dome 3D stickers are elastic with a smooth and fully transparent surface. They can be used in internal and in external conditions. 100% UV protected The stickers don’t turn yellow in the sunlight. They can’t be affected by water. The sell-by date is more than eight years when they are correctly sticking, no matter where they are used . Our customers tell us that they buy our dome stickers mainly for two reasons ... they look great and have a unique durability. No other sticker has such flexibility and dome design. No other sticker is able to withstand years of bad weather, chemicals, heat, cold, freezing, salt water.. Our dome stickers remain clear, shiny and flexible. Our dome stickers do not turn yellow in the sun.

What is Domedesign dome sticker :  3d куполни стикери и лепенки